Books for children

Edition Fictional journeys:

Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Långstrump (Pippi Longstocking)
Astrid Lindgren, Ronja Rövardotter (Ronia, The Robber's Daughter)
Astrid Lindgren, Mio, min Mio (Mio's Kingdom)
Astrid Lindgren, Barnen på Bråkmakargatan (Lotta Says 'NO!')
Astrid Lindgren, Lotta på Bråkmakargatan (Lotta Makes a Mess)
Philippa Pearce, Tom's Midnight Garden
Daniel Pennac,Cabot Caboche,Dog
Tove Jansson, Kometen kommer (Comet in Moominland)
Jacqueline Wilson, The Story of Tracy Beaker
Jacqueline Wilson, The Dare Game
Jacqueline Wilson, Starring Tracy Beaker
Jacqueline Wilson, Sleepovers
Jacqueline Wilson, Secrets
Jacqueline Wilson, The Illustrated Mum
Jacqueline Wilson, Lilly Alone 
Jacqueline Wilson, Worry website
Eva Ibbotson, The Star of Kazan
Eva Ibbotson, Which Witch 
Eva Ibbotson, One Dog and His Boy
Eva Ibbotson, Monster Mission
Iva Procházková, Wir treffen uns, wenn alle weg sind (We’ll meet when there is no one else)
Ivona Březinová, Praprázdniny (We Spent Summer Holidays in Prehistory)
Ivona Březinová, Vera, Nika a sedm babiček (Vera, Nika and seven grannies)
Jasminka Petrović, 35 kalorija bez šećera (35 Calories Without Sugar; copyrights sold to Sweden and Hungary)
Robert Takarič, Šest i po najgorih muvanja od postanka sveta (6 ½ Worst Flirt Atempts since the Beggining of Time)
Paul Maar, Onkel Florians fliegender Flohmarkt (Uncle Florian’s Flying Circus)
Michael Coleman, Internet Detectives I-III
Michael Coleman, Going Straight
Jean-Claude Mourlevat, Le Combat d'hiver (Winter Song) (pre press phase)
Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod, Une famille aux petits oignons: Histoires des Jean-Quelque-Chose (The Merry Family)
Anne Fine, Flour Babies
Felix Mitterer, Superhenne Hanna (Super Hen Hanna)
Andy Mulligan, Trash
István Lakatos, Dobozváros (Boxville)
Sally Gardner, I Coriander
Bianca Pitzorno, Ascolta il mio cuore (Listen to my Heart)
Bianca Pitzorno, Polissena del Porcello (Polissena and her Pig)
Bianca Pitzorno, La bambinaia francese (The French Nanny)
Pavel Šrut, Lichožrouti (Odd-sock Eaters)
Edition My world:
David Bellamy, 101 Ways to Save the Earth
David Suzuki, Eco Fun
Marija VukosavljevićRecikligranje (Recycling games) series
Mike Manning and Brita Granstrom, Wonderwise series (What if? The story of recycling, Тhe World is Full of Babies, What’s Up?What is under the bed?)
Roberto MarchesiniImariamo a conoscere i nostri amici animali (Meet our Animals Friends)
Text books for civil education in primary schools
Edition Family stories:
Neil Gaiman, The Day I Swapped my Dad for two Goldfish
Jasminka Petrović, Mame (Mothers; copyrights sold to Sweden)
Tove Jansson, Hur gick det sen? (What happened then? The story about Moomin)
Jens Ahlbom, Jonatan på måsberget (Jonathan of Gull Mountain)
Books for adults
Edition Kaleidoscope:
Vladimir Nabokov, Pnin
D. M. Thomas, The White Hotel
Carole Martinez, Le coeur cousu (Women’s testament)
Tove Jansson, Sommarboken (Summer book)
Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Ett öga rött (One eye red)
Antonio Tabucchi, Notturno indiano (Indian nocturne)
Edition Calypso:
Bebeti Do Amaral Gurgel, O Diário Super Secreto De Carolina
Katarina Mazetti: Graben i graven bredvid
Katarina Mazetti: Familjegraven
Roddy Doyle: Greyhound of a Girl
Lena Andrersson, Utan personligt ansvar (Without Personal Responsibility - sequel to Wilful Disregard)
Edition Flea market:
(Non-fiction books on different subjects)
Clive Ponting, The New Green History of the World
Luis Wolpert, Depression, a Malignant Sadness
Robin Skinner and John Cleese, Families and How to Survive them
Robin Skinner and John Cleese, Life and How to Survive it
Sofka Zinovieff: Red Princess: A Revolutionary Life
Rudi Dallos, Sally Dallos, Couples, Sex and Power: The Politics of Desire 
James Frey, A million Little Pieces
Stephen Whitehead, Many Faces of Man
Douglas Adams, Last Chance to See (translation process)
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